Miss Georgia Payne's Naughty List

When: December 15th, 7-8:30PM

Where: Downtown Los Angeles

This year, Miss Georgia Payne will be assisting Santa by correcting all men and women that made his naughty list in 2018! You will have a chance to redeem yourself by bringing your very own naughty list and reading from it in front of Miss Georgia. She will then decide, based on your level of naughty, how much to blister your bottom as you go over Her knee for correction. 

Wouldn’t you rather have a candy cane in your stocking rather than a piece of coal?  Ring in the new year with a clean slate by visiting Miss Georgia and her judicial elves on December 15th! 

RSVP only via email.


I can be contacted at: georgiapayne@protonmail.com

I prefer a reference. I also require a deposit if I've never seen you before that will go toward your session.


I do travel, so please contact me if interested in bending over my knee when I visit your city. I'll be sure to alert you when I plan to travel there.

Current Schedule:

December 13-14: Oakland, CA

December 19-20: Austin, TX