My name is Miss Georgia Payne. I am a professional disciplinarian in the Los Angeles area. I'm sure you're visiting my page for good reason and we'll both find out why in good time. I've been punishing naughty men and women for over twenty years and have quite a reputation with the cane. I enjoy both domestic and judicial correction and my go-to implements include: hair brush, bath brush, wooden spoons, belts, straps, wooden birches, paddles, the cane, and, of course, my very own hand.

I don't put up with nonsense, I will just as easily shove a bar of soap in your mouth and stick you in a corner as put you over My knee. You get what you've got coming to you. I don't enjoy giving light spankings nor do I like giving spankings for the sake of it. I like to incorporate real life context into your punishment. I enjoy being the disciplinarian to someone who truly needs and deserves it. And we both know that you need and deserve it... don't we...?